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The F35 program demands the highest possible on anyone involved in handling its logistics.
There is no single company nor organization that is able to meet these demands. OneLogistics brings best value solution by managing a consortium of top in class specialists and subject matter experts. Europe is a complex region. In order to meet the performance metrics of a PBL construct in Europe one needs a thorough understanding of the European region. OneLogistics provides this knowledge all over the Europe Region.


In june 2016 a Letter of Intent (LOI) was signed by a broad Dutch consortium of partners who are related to the field of F-35 sustainment logistics.  The LOI was signed by the Dutch Ministry of Defense, the Customs Administration of The Netherlands, Topsector Logistics, Province of Brabant, BOM (Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij, NIDV and NIFARP.  This LOI is the first step and a solid basis for the logistics activities for the F35-program in the European region.

By managing an extraordinary team of defense, logistics, customs/VAT and compliance specialist partners, OneLogistics brings global supply chain expertise to complex supply chain systems such as the F-35 program. OneLogistics is supported by the government of The Netherlands by the strong involvement of crucial stake holders as  the Ministries of Defense, Economic Affairs, Transport and Finance); it brings the best of both worlds to the F-35 program, a worldwide unique seamless cooperation between the various Government departments and (logistics) Industry.

OneLogistics has access to the best experts, processes and technology in the industry. Our vision and objectives are aligned with the F-35 program to ensure we help the program achieve the strategic objectives and metrics:

  • • Success in rolling out the F-35 in the European region;
    • Support the F-35 program in meeting PBL metrics;
    • Readiness to respond to logistics & supply chain tasks that might arise;
    • Building innovative logistics solutions for both the near- and long term future.
    • Our aim to establish an office in order to jointly manage the European F-35 roll out in terms of logistics


About us
European supply chain support
for the F-35 sustainment program