Spare parts inventory management provides the right balance between the uptime of assets and the minimization of the total cost of ownership. Since factors such as lead times, required delivery dates and urgencies of need change frequently, interventions are required to fulfill the needs on time and with acceptable costs to the extent possible. 


A lean and agile response is easier to give when OneLogistics knows where to go for quick fixes and effective solutions.OneLogistics know the Program Support Providers and logistics partners who are able to quickly respond to changes. Due to our in-depth knowledge of European logistics, we work proactively to prevent disruptions in the inventory management process. Elements of our services include: tactical and operational inventory management, inventory performance management, continuous improvement, pooling of parts, and obsolescence management.


Cost savings

The Product Support Integrator (PSI) calculates the quantity of each part that is stored in Europe. This is determined based on, for example, projections of wear and tear, failure behavior, preventive maintenance needs and the resulting demand for parts, combined with the delivery times of new parts and the lead time of repairs and revisions of components. OneLogistics works closely with the Product Support Integrator and automatically replenishes the inventories of F-35 components in Europe as soon as they fall below the order point. The systems of OneLogistics automatically initiate the logistic process to replenish these inventories. This process also looks at the inventories in all warehouses, in transit and at repair vendors in Europe. These sources are redistributed where possible, which saves procurement costs. OneLogistics takes a proactive position and looks ahead, for example, to the impact of changed flying programs, modifications, etc., and considers how we can redistribute the regional inventories to meet the future, changing demand for components.