Within a reaction time of 2 weeks, a deployment spare part package (DSP) must be gathered from RNLAF air base Leeuwarden and delivered to the Point of Embarkation (POE) at RNLAF air base Eindhoven

It has been decided that a unit of 4 aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Air Force will be deployed to Afghanistan. Within 2 weeks a Deployment Spare Part Package (DSP) must be ready for shipment to Afghanistan. The personnel of the RNLAF air base Leeuwarden ensures the parts are picked, packed and are ready for shipment to RNLAF air base Eindhoven. The SSC-CC arranges transport from Leeuwarden to the Point of Embarkation at RNLAF base Eindhoven. The parts contained in the Deployment Spare Parts Package (DSP) are not available to the EMEA region for the duration of the deployment in Afghanistan. After the deployment ends the DSP parts are to be returned to RNLAF air base Leeuwarden.