Case studies

A large number of case studies are available upon request:

1 European transport optimization/ Glare panels Fokker for the Airbus A380

2 Engine Transport

2a European Engine Transport by

2b European & Global Engine Transport by

3 European Engine Transport

4 European & Global Engine Transport

5 Military Engine Transport SOP

6 European Transport & Diplomatic Clearances

7 Ministry of Defense handling & security

8 Transportation Plan Foreign Military Sales

9 Inbound shipment planning, crossdock & delivery

10 Global Spares Logistics in a complex environment

11 Implementation & Transition of Customer from Copenhagen to Amsterdam

10 Customs: Bonded Warehousing

11 Customs: Inward Processing Relief (IPR)

12 Customs: Outward Processing Relief (OPR)

13 Customs Expertise Centre for Single Authorisations

14 Customs & VAT General Fiscal Representation as an ef cient and effective instrument to deal with customs and VAT when trading in Europe

15 Logistics engagement in the F-35 Lightning II program

16 Control Tower implementation NATO AWACS Programme

17 Control Tower implementation Belgian Defence




18 Control Tower implementation Fuerza Aerea de Chile

19 PBL: Supply Chain Management

20 Control Tower software

21 Fokker Services delivers  rst standard parts for NH90 helicopter

22 High employability of Belgium NH90 helicopter due well managed FH support concept

23 ABACUS: longest running component availability program.

24 Extended Single Window

25 Simplify Rules & Legislation

26 Trade Compliance & Border Management 27 4C / Cross Chain Control Centers

28 Service Logistics

29 Proactive Service Logistics for Advanced Capital Goods (ProSeLo) 30 The cool supply chain demo Sense & Response

31 The packaging process & innovation in International Transport

32 Impact of innovation in the process industries R&D CAMP

33 PBL: Supply Chain Management

34 Planning Services, innovation project in Service logistics

35 Asset Visibility