Repair of defective part at repair vendor takes longer than expected and a direct delivery from a second source is organized from Cameri air base (Italy) to Ørland air base (Norway)

A PMC A/C on RNoAF air base Ørland is waiting for a part TURBOMACHINE that is currently in repair at vendor SUPPLY CO but the repair takes longer than expected.

As a consequence the AVA KPI-target for Ørland drops below target and therefor the SSC-CC decides to organize a direct delivery from a second source at Cameri air base in Italy. The repaired part from vendor SUPPLY CO is redistributed to air base Cameri after the repair has been completed.

The direct delivery is organized from repair vendor FELANA located at the Cameri air base in Italy to Ørland air base in Norway via truck due to the weight and dimensions of part TURBOMACHINE.