Active contract and performance management in the F-35 service supply chain must focus on the timely identification of lagging performance, before it becomes a major issue for the final customer (the war fighter). 


In the supply chain, there is a need for predictive KPIs that indicate whether the supply chain is going to fail or has been failing. OneLogistics can assist the PSI in setting up such a supply chain. We then translate that to the European supply chain and associated performance agreements with all of our regional and local logistics partners, possibly including repair vendors and parts suppliers. In addition to culture, European legislation for procurement and contracting differs from other global regions. We continuously monitor the performance of all players in the supply chain and, where possible, we implement improvement measures and reduce costs.


Security of supply

It is also our opinion that the performance of all suppliers is required to achieve a flying aircraft. This requires an integrative role which translates individual daily performance of suppliers into aircraft performance for every customer in the European region.

OneLogistics can arrange contract and performance management in Europe in such a way that all logistic flows are coordinated with each other and components are delivered just-in-time to the end user. By our unique approach and knowledge of the European logistics market, we are able to guarantee security of supply.

Performance alerts and monitoring

The approach of OneLogistics enables item managers to see Europe as a single entity in their daily operations. There is no need for managers to immerse themselves in all individual contractual performances; rather, they receive consolidated performance alerts from OneLogistics as a first line of defense in the daily operation of the supply chain. OneLogistics knows the logistics players in the European region and is able to select, contract and manage the most appropriate service providers based on proven capabilities, cost and performance metrics. After contracting service providers, these contracts must be managed based on actual performances. This requires periodic reviews, close relationships, and frequent and timely communication and reporting. Regional logistics contract managers can easily facilitate this task.


Prognostics dashboard

OneLogistics has developed a prognostics supply chain performance dashboard, which identifies an impending lack of aircraft performance that can affect the fighter of war before it is ever noticed. Based on this insight, OneLogistics can intervene locally to rectify the problem and, when repeated, suggest structural alternative solutions to the global control center. With a local presence in Europe, OneLogistics is able to develop solutions faster and in close cooperation with our contracted partners/suppliers, taking into account local circumstances.