Moving F-35 parts all over the Globe in a safe,secure and compliance manner at market confrom cost are the main drivers for our Global freight solutions executed by the most reputable frieght forwarding companies. 


A dense network of +100 airlines that  fly to/from Amsterdam is available for Global & European Freight.  The Netherlands home carrier is KLM. This network enables the F-35 program to move freight through the existing civil freight networks. By using this option shipping cost can be reduced by creating economies of scale and using the existing airlift capacity in the market. A recent overview of all airlines that  fly to/from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol including frequencies is available upon request. Direct shipments will also be handled and coordinated.



Smart Mainport

A Smart Mainport solution that uses Schiphol Amsterdam Airport as European Gateway.  Enabeling ample inbound and outbound airfreight capabilities and capacity based on secure lanes in order to ensure safety, security and compliance.


The Netherlands functions as the Smart Mainport to Europe and is a safe and secure place to do business. Dutch companies are used to doing business internationally and creating effective logistics solutions for global customers. It is therefore the obvious logistics base for the storage, transfer and transport of parts to air force bases in all of Europe. By using a Gateway solution through Smart Mainport Amsterdam we create economies of scale thus resulting in lower transport rates. The F-35 supply chain contains  fixed shipping and consignee points so we are able to ensure the supply chain is safe, secure and compliant.

Secure lanes: OneLogistics proposes to ship the in- & outbound  flows of F-35 goods through secure lanes. This means that the entire logistics chain, from origin to destination, has a high level of security; all parts are guaranteed to be securely transported. We monitor this strictly. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, a secure area will be established for the import or transit of parts for the F-35.


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol provides 323 flight connections to airports in 98 countries by more than 100 different airlines from all over the world. It offers easy access to all the main European markets, for passengers as well as cargo. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the third largest European airport in terms of cargo (1.5 million tonnes of cargo in 2013) and the fourth largest European airport in terms of passenger numbers (over 52,5 million passengers in 2013).

The airport ranks as one of Europe’s four major hubs and one of the two principal home bases to Air France-KLM and the SkyTeam alliance. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is also a major driver of the regional Dutch economy generating jobs for 64,000 people.