Direct delivery of parts from the supplier in Japan to Amendola (Italy) to ensure Aircraft Availability status for the Italian Air Force.


The SSC-CC has conducted a daily review of the current and anticipated availability of the Italian F-35 unit at Amendola airbase. The flight planning of the next couple of months shows an increase compared to baseline flying profile due to increased (international) training out of Amendola.

Local stock levels might be insufficient to guarantee the F-35’s availability. A temporary increase of local stock of parts SHOCK STRUT ASSEMBLY LMLG and SHOCK STRUCT ASSEMBLY are chosen by the SSC-CC to resolve this potential issue.


The SSC-CC has established that there is no excess stock present within the EMEA region, the SSC-CC requests extra parts stock for SHOCK STRUT ASSEMBLY LMLG and  SHOCK STRUCT ASSEMBLY from the (global) item manager.

The item manager has ordered these parts directly from the Japanese supplier to resupply the local stock at air force base Amendola to ensure future aircraft availability (AVA) status. The item manager chose to place the procurement order by himself due to price and serialized items.

These parts are received by the freight forwarder at Rome Airport constituting the point of entry into Europe.


The goods are delivered to the bonded warehouse at the airbase and conditionally assigned to the unit to prevent re(al)location to other orders without being noticed by the SSC-CC. Goods remain customs goods to enable this re(al)location if needed, up to the moment the goods are definitively issued to an Italian aircraft work order.